Love In Action

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2018


There is something very unique about supporting the birth of one of your family members. Your heart melts in so many ways that I find it hard to put into words. I have been sitting with the experience for a week, allowing the space to let the words come. I can’t quiet get it out of my heart and into words, or is it I really don’t want too?

There is a part of me that likes it that way. Before all the labels come and describe the indescribable. In reality I won’t be able to describe it. It will just be a group of words that will be pointing to the experience of Love in Action.

So here we go…

My Brother Scott

From the moment Scott and Nikki were pregnant a new level of love opened deep within in me, for them. Although my relationship with Scott has always been strong, and I have been through many experiences of highs and lows with him. This was different. He was now going to be a father. A dream that he has had as long as I can remember.  A dream at...

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Creating Space

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2018

Creating Space

I have been enjoying the holidays, the break in routine, and to live moment to moment, without a schedule. I have been fortunate to have spontaneous moments of being by myself, like today. I got to go to the beach for a walk, swim and float in the ocean. 

So divine.

As a mother of 3, I can’t tell you how incredible those moments of space are. These days I take them when I can. It’s rare that I get a few hours, let alone a whole day for myself, so when I am gifted with these moments throughout the day I am so grateful, followed closely by breathing life in deeply and completely!

On the Dharma path, practice happens in these precious moments of space, alone with all that is arising. It also happens during the chaos and busyness of life. However, if we have not taken the space to be alone with self to practice the dharma (during those times of chaos and craziness) we will only find confusion, fear and suffering.


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