Creating Space

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2018

Creating Space

I have been enjoying the holidays, the break in routine, and to live moment to moment, without a schedule. I have been fortunate to have spontaneous moments of being by myself, like today. I got to go to the beach for a walk, swim and float in the ocean. 

So divine.

As a mother of 3, I can’t tell you how incredible those moments of space are. These days I take them when I can. It’s rare that I get a few hours, let alone a whole day for myself, so when I am gifted with these moments throughout the day I am so grateful, followed closely by breathing life in deeply and completely!

On the Dharma path, practice happens in these precious moments of space, alone with all that is arising. It also happens during the chaos and busyness of life. However, if we have not taken the space to be alone with self to practice the dharma (during those times of chaos and craziness) we will only find confusion, fear and suffering.

No matter how full life is we must find the space to practice. That is if you are wanting inner peace and freedom from the swing of highs and lows!

Your practice can be very simple, reminding the mind of its natural ability to stay present and know what is unfolding right here.

Stop. Drop. Connect.

When we STOP ( doing & perpetuating the stories in our head) we DROP into our karma thats arising within and outside of us (without a story about it).

This is the experience of what is happening right now.

Naturally from here we connect to life.

The mind will distract you into that juicy drama again and again, especially when you feel wronged, judged or fearful, but this drama is only what the ego/lower self feeds off and keeps you unhappy. Like any addiction it takes practice of refraining from the urge to give into it, so we don’t create the cycle of the mental emotional pain all over again.

The practice is choosing to break the pattern of getting involved in the drama and staying with the REAL feeling of what is arising.

The REAL REALITY of this moment…

Connecting with life. The sensations in your body. The aliveness in your hands. Awareness of your feet on the ground. Breathing in and out. Sounds passing through your awareness. Being completely aware of the movement of form passing through.

Over time this practice happens in and out of the silent spaces and we become One with Life.

The Stillness through Movement practice supports a deeper connection beyond the swings (fluctuations of mind or being thrown by the winds of karma) of the pendulum. It allows us to observe the pendulum swing rather then continually supporting the swings back and forth. Eventually the pendulum comes to rest in the middle.

The middle way. The natural flow of Life.

May you find space to practice the middle way. To not be thrown by the winds of karma and rather flow with karma. Living a life of inner peace and true happiness.

Big  Tracy


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