Online Courses

Short courses audio recordings, Ebooks and Mentorship

The Four Pillars of Stillness Audio Course and Ebook

This deeply nourishing practice has not only been my rock but has laid the foundation to receive life situations in a more open and calm way. 


Burnout to Balance

A 21 day online course

Come and immerse yourself in 21 days of nourishment, stillness and wisdom designed to restore your nervous system back to balance


One With Life

Tracy's wonderful CD now in an online format for you to enjoy


Nervous System Care

Meditation and Somatic movement for poor vagal tone and nervous system dysregulation.



Teacher Training

Learn to become an accredited STM Teacher

Level 1 STM Teacher Training Module 1


Level 1 STM Teacher Training Module 2


Womens Sacred Space Facilitator Training


Perimenopause Mentorship

Helping you understand what is going on in your body and mind. Your not going crazy, your just going through perimenopause!

You may feel;

  • disconnected from yourself and others
  • struggle with self-doubt and low confidence
  • forgetful and can't find the words you want to say when in the middle of a conversation
  • feel lost and alone
  • afraid or nervous for no reason
  • emotions feel out of control
  • low mood or flat
  • anger outburst/ irritability 
  • finding it hard to connect with the people and places you usually feel good with
  • headaches, achey joints, fatigue, hot flushes and to many more symptoms to list here....

I'm here to guide you through this journey helping you feel more equip with resources and what you need for your body and mind during this phase, as every woman is different. 

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