Working with Tracy

All sessions are available via online (Zoom) or in-house at the studio in Burleigh Heads

Reclaim your Feminine 

Shakti (feminine energy) needs a loving and supportive space to unravel safely. 
I have spent a lifetime embodying, growing and continually integrating feminine practices into my life, with my own cycle. This sacred space has been created for you to deeply connect with your own natural feminine rhythms. 
To be Real, Raw and Uncensored. 
Shakti has many seasons as she journeys through life and at times her rhythm can become disturbed and stuck. These disturbances (blocked chi/energy or life force) can hinder the natural flow of puberty, menstruation, preconception, pregnancy, menopause and post-menopause for many women.
In these sessions, I’ll share with you my intimate connections with Shakti, my womanly gifts and channelled wisdom, drawing on my experience of supporting women through her seasons for the past 15 years, the birth of my own three daughters, and 20 years of study into the feminine embodiment practices that I swear by!
I look forward to journeying with you through the wild, the sacred, the tears, the intimacy and the deliciousness of what it means to be an abundant and complete divine woman! 
Each session is tailored to your own unique Feminine Flow and some of the practices and rituals we may explore are:
– Feminine (Shakti) energy balance
– Pre-conception (fertility) healing
– Pregnancy, birth and postnatal Doula support
– Womb healing and massage
– Apana, Shakti and Ovarian breathing
– Closing of the bones (ritual for postnatal women after birth)
– Rites of passage rituals
– Completion rituals
– Vagina, womb and breast care
– Womb and yoni steams
– Womb/moon cycle rituals
– Pre-peri-menopause, peri-menopause and menopause support
– Menstruation balance
– Uttari Vasti
– Yoni healing
– Shakti wisdom
– Moon cycle wisdom
– Feminine (Shakti) embodiment movement and stillness practices to support feminine balance through all seasons of your cycle.
These sessions are: 1.5hrs ($195), 2hrs ($260) or 3hrs ($390).

Reclaim Your Feminine Cycle 

Reclaim your feminine energy and awaken your womb space!

In this session, we honour the ancient feminine arts of Tantra, vagina and womb steaming, womb and breast connection, womb healing rituals and esoteric massage strokes.

Steaming your vagina and womb is one of the most beautiful self-care practices you can do for yourself!

It provides an opportunity for deeper connection to your feminine and can support healing feminine disconnection and physical ailments such as:  menstrual cramps, PCOS, endometriosis, vaginal and urinary infections, cysts, haemorrhoids, irregular menses and infertility, while aiding circulation and cleansing the vulva and uterus.

Following the steaming, this treatment continues with a womb healing ritual and gentle, esoteric strokes to awaken and align all of the energies. This is a wonderful, grounding and nurturing experience!

Book this treatment if it is your first session to allow time to go over your history. And then continue 3-4 times a year for maintenance.

The 1st initial session is 2hrs ($260). 45mins - 1hr 30mins thereafter.

Reclaim Your Feminine: Three Month Mentorship

Want to go deeper?

"Reclaim your Feminine" is a 1:1 three month mentoring journey of intimate self-discovery that allows the deep unraveling and reclaiming of your sacred feminine. Entering into a three month mentorship will allow you the loving space to reconnect with your innate wisdom, by learning practices, rituals and forgotten wisdom to soothe, nourish and empower yourself.

This is your birth right.

I will teach you the ancient practices of Tantra and wisdom from other cultures that have been using these healing rituals for centuries to support their community of women.

Do you feel this strong desire to connect with your feminine but don’t know how?

Is Shakti calling you to commit to this deeper work?

I hear you sister! Let's connect and I’ll send you more information on what your commitment to you looks like!

Email Me Here


STM Therapy, Dharma & Gestalt Therapy

This session allows you to reconnect with your heart’s truth, aligning you to your essential self, while cleansing and grounding your energy into the here and now. With the support of Dharma (Buddhist wisdom teachings) and Gestalt (present awareness therapy) we can unlock parts of you that may feel stuck in a certain situation, pattern, filter or trauma.

Tracy is the founder of STM and brings over 20 years experience in intuitive healing, STM Therapy, reiki, energy healing, breathing techniques, Dharma & Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Meridian Therapy, shell essences, acupressure and aromatherapy. Tracy works with you by listening to your body’s inner pulse and giving your body what it needs to support itself back to its natural state of connection, ease, flow and balance.

These sessions are: 1hr ($120), 1.5hrs ($180) or 2hrs ($240)

Concession (pension or student): 1hr ($105) or 1.5hrs ($150)



Group Sessions

These classes are held throughout the year at the STM Studio with Tracy Whitton.

Feminine Flow

A gentle feminine flow class designed to support your natural flow. Includes: feminine movement, deeply restorative poses, ritual, aromatherapy medicine and healing tea!


Feminine Immersion

Tracy and Amanda share with you the ancient healing arts of Tantra, feminine embodiment practices and energy balance. A delicious, healing and deeply grounding afternoon, immersing yourself in all things feminine. We will journey together, inwards, listening to the gentle whispers of Shakti, a journey you will never forget!


Women's Womb Wisdom

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the womb! It is New Moon time. In ancient wisdom the moon time is where women shed ( menses) with the New Moon. It is a time where we have a very thin veil between the two worlds of form (body) and formless ( consciousness) realms. We have an opportunity here to receive the wisdom of our soul.


Deep Rest Retreat for Women


"Since getting my first period as a teen, they have been painful. I would have cramping so intense it would make me feel nauseous and for the first three days of my period I couldn’t go anywhere without a hot water bottle and a decent supply of painkillers. After just six weeks of steaming and esoteric womb care with Tracy, the cramping has reduced dramatically to the point where I no longer need painkillers and there are days when I have no pain at all!! When there is pain, it’s so mild and passes easily, and with a few more treatments I believe it will disappear completely. Thank you Tracy, from the bottom of my heart, for your exceptional skills in understanding female hormones and for your intuition, guidance and support in helping my body to heal. If you haven’t yet tried steaming, book a session with Tracy, it’s completely private and is such a grounding and nurturing thing to offer yourself in today’s busy world."

Maddy Westbrook

"So much gratitude and love for you and this journey of Feminine Embodiment Tracy!! Having this support as I embarked on embracing my full womanhood again has enabled me to be heart full and loving with myself in a way I never have been before. To be relieved of the ‘burden’ of menstruation and see it as an honour and a blessing is such a shift. I really see how this honouring leads us to live more in tune with our cycles and come to terms with and process better, all aspects of ourselves. I love the learning of the 5Rs and then the 4Cs and see these as rounding out succinctly the personal application and living/learning of our karma and also our dharma. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for laying down these essential foundations for me!! So much growth and wisdom. With gratitude and love"

Carey Semple

"Tracy is a 'woman of wisdom' who has many special tools to nurture and support all women through emotional challenges that have the potential to rob us of our spark and zing. Her guidance in many therapies assist us women to sit more comfortably with ourselves... and that is a special gift she unconditionally shares."

Suzie Burns

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