Stillness Through Movement

In Stillness I Heal

Deep Rest Retreat

13th - 16th October, 2024 (Sold Out)

30th March  - 2nd April, 2025

'Immerse yourself in a world of complete relaxation, nourishment, and tranquility. Opening 4 days deeply nourishing yourself fosters a deeper sense of connection and inner peace. It's an experience unlike any other, and you'll be astonished at how profoundly it can benefit your overall well-being'

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"Tracy is a gift to the world. Having developed the most powerful stillness practice I have ever experienced, Stillness Through Movement, Tracy shares the gifts of this practice here, her beautiful voice and heart guiding you every step of the way. Tracy activates the powerful health benefits of the nervous system essential for true rest, repair, digestion, and reproduction. Out of such stillness, immense kindness and a deeper gratitude for life unfolds. Dr Libby Weaver"

Dr Libby Weaver
Nutritional Biochemist, Author and Speaker

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