Living With Our Emotions

I've been observing these interesting movements of E-motion moving within me for many years now. I have found that they're either in flow and moving or they're stuck and causing havoc ( for me it gets stuck in the fear story. But for others it can be rage and depression). I have been watching them flow, seeing them get stuck and getting really curious about what stops the flow of this energy, annnnd can I be hindering the movement of the emotion or making it worse?

Yes. I was making it worse by investing in the stories!

In my observations I have found that emotions are simply "energy in motion" this energy is the "effect"  of a previous "cause" and it is simple passing through. If we allow it.

Just like water moving down a stream, it flows until a rock or log blocks the flow in a stream. Just like the log can block the stream so can our lack of awareness/knowledge around knowing it's safe to let our emotions be here and flow.

Energy in its pure form is ok. It's our friend, not...

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What Would Love Do?

When someone triggers pain within you from their choice of words or actions, it hurts. It takes LOVE within you to rise out of that hurt and respond from love. When we react from anything else other then love we experience more pain, more hurt and more non-virtuous karma keeps on rising.

Nothing good comes from throwing more of the same back at someone.

It takes wisdom, awareness and strength to respond from love in the midst of deep hurt. The biggest transformations happen within you when you hand it over to Love. A warmth and tenderness moves over you, as the awareness sees the bigger picture.

When love steps in, this is how love would respond

~ Love honours both my pain and the others pain. Love knows none of this is personal.

~ Love knows that this person is suffering, experiencing pain himself or herself to act towards you in this way.

~ Love knows that this person hasn’t got the awareness or wisdom yet to see their pain. So therefore it gets projected.

~ Love knows he or...

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