Living With Our Emotions

I've been observing these interesting movements of E-motion moving within me for many years now. I have found that they're either in flow and moving or they're stuck and causing havoc ( for me it gets stuck in the fear story. But for others it can be rage and depression). I have been watching them flow, seeing them get stuck and getting really curious about what stops the flow of this energy, annnnd can I be hindering the movement of the emotion or making it worse?

Yes. I was making it worse by investing in the stories!

In my observations I have found that emotions are simply "energy in motion" this energy is the "effect"  of a previous "cause" and it is simple passing through. If we allow it.

Just like water moving down a stream, it flows until a rock or log blocks the flow in a stream. Just like the log can block the stream so can our lack of awareness/knowledge around knowing it's safe to let our emotions be here and flow.

Energy in its pure form is ok. It's our friend, not...

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