Living With Our Emotions

I've been observing these interesting movements of E-motion moving within me for many years now. I have found that they're either in flow and moving or they're stuck and causing havoc ( for me it gets stuck in the fear story. But for others it can be rage and depression). I have been watching them flow, seeing them get stuck and getting really curious about what stops the flow of this energy, annnnd can I be hindering the movement of the emotion or making it worse?

Yes. I was making it worse by investing in the stories!

In my observations I have found that emotions are simply "energy in motion" this energy is the "effect"  of a previous "cause" and it is simple passing through. If we allow it.

Just like water moving down a stream, it flows until a rock or log blocks the flow in a stream. Just like the log can block the stream so can our lack of awareness/knowledge around knowing it's safe to let our emotions be here and flow.

Energy in its pure form is ok. It's our friend, not our enemy. Emotion is there to tell us something about ourselves, to release/purify old karma ( cause and effect).  When we can have the awareness to "Stay or surf" with our emotion ( free of any labels or judgements about it) we free ourselves from any further suffering and we open to life right in this moment. The emotion dissolves, we come alive to the truth and we become one with ALL life.

What I have learnt (to save myself from suffering) is to surf what is there ( which is another way of accepting my reality right now) and to watch for the extra layer (the mental label), that dark cloud that layers itself over the top of the emotion.

This is what gets us stuck.

It's the "fear of the fear" placed around the fear, or the "guilt" placed around the anger, or the "shame" that is placed around sadness. This is the scum that kills you, buries you and makes you suffer. It's the labels about what your experiencing that makes you suffer. Not the experience itself!

I can remember 3 distinct occasions where the experiencer ( ego, mental labels) made my situation to be completely different to what was really happening:

1. When my daughter was bullied by her entire cohort and left with no friends.

2. When I was told of the news that my daughter had a cleft palette.

3. When I was told the news of my daughter having type 1 Diabeties

On all 3 of these occasions my "experiencer" (that likes to dramatise and catastrophise) had all my 3 daughters dead ( or something close to that), with all the scenarios and stories running in my head that had no real truth to them whatsoever!

When I could meditate and reflect back on each situation, I saw the truth. I felt the original emotions that came back again, but this time I kicked the "experiencer" to the curb! 

You see, when the experiencer is running the show you never get to the reality of what karma is really wanting to purify, until you drop the experiencer and become the experience!

No labels. No judgments. No "what ifs". No Critic. No Stories. No dam Bloody EGO!

Just the experience of what is here....beingness.

What riding the of emotion looks like

I surf the waves. No thought. Just the emotion. I feel every inch of that wave (emotion). I allow it to wash over me and through me. At times I fall off the wave ( get lost in labels & stories) and tumble around in the white wash ( shitty scenarios), but eventually I find my way back up to the surface and ride the wave again.

As I am able to BE with the energy (let the energy-be-in-motion) I come into acceptance at this point and in the flow of what REALLY is present.

Acceptance to life as it is unfolding within me, moment-to-moment.

Acceptance means to stay with the rawness of what is. Not the story about it.

To Summarise

  1.  Acknowledge you are suffering ( experiencing pain of some type)
  2. STOP believing your thoughts and get out of your head
  3. FEEL. Come into your body. Notice how your body feels. You may notice because you have been in your head you have no awareness of your body, let alone what you're feeling.
  4. Always know your emotions can't hurt you. When you take away all the charged thoughts (shenpa) about them. It is just energy.
  5. Connect with the emotion. This does not mean "think" it means feel, be with the energy.
  6. STAY or Surf, ride with this emotion. If you fall off the wave into the white wash. Get back up on the wave again. You know this because you will feel pain, contracted and in your head. Do steps 1-6 again.
  7. As you ride the wave you may start to feel ok, open, expansive, alive or even aligned with all life. 
  8. You are in acceptance. A place of Inner Peace.

Emotions are not easy when mixed up with our life long patterns. So please be gentle with yourself and give yourself the time to practice this. Personally I have surfed many many waves and been dumped many many times, and still do. However, what I have noticed now is after having this as a daily practice for many years, it has become ingrained in me to practice naturally in this way. You too will eventually do the same, if you make it your daily practice to surf the waves, fall off the waves and surf them again. You will live with less turbulent seas and more steady, calm seas.

Oceans of Love,

Tracy x



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