Living Life With Meaning

As the moon waxes, moving to her fullest, I too move with her, moving to my fullest, ripening the most nourished egg, ready to be fertilised, to grow life! 

How incredible is that?...New Life!

This creative energy for me is no longer a new baby in the physical form of a child, but one of new energy in some other way.

Each cycle can be very different in the waxing energy. Sometimes there is so much creative energy building as I water these potential new seeds and other times I can be shedding old constructs as the seedlings begin to pierce through into full bloom!
A brief on our Inner Seasons....
The inner season of winter (new/dark moon) gives us the opportunity to surrender and rejuvenate as we shed ( the lining of our uterus) what we no longer need ( that has come form the autumn phase of letting go) for growth of this woman. Spring is the building of this new lining, watering of new seeds and the new energy is emerging. Summer (ovulation and full moon) is the...
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What Would Love Do?

When someone triggers pain within you from their choice of words or actions, it hurts. It takes LOVE within you to rise out of that hurt and respond from love. When we react from anything else other then love we experience more pain, more hurt and more non-virtuous karma keeps on rising.

Nothing good comes from throwing more of the same back at someone.

It takes wisdom, awareness and strength to respond from love in the midst of deep hurt. The biggest transformations happen within you when you hand it over to Love. A warmth and tenderness moves over you, as the awareness sees the bigger picture.

When love steps in, this is how love would respond

~ Love honours both my pain and the others pain. Love knows none of this is personal.

~ Love knows that this person is suffering, experiencing pain himself or herself to act towards you in this way.

~ Love knows that this person hasn’t got the awareness or wisdom yet to see their pain. So therefore it gets projected.

~ Love knows he or...

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