Living Life With Meaning

As the moon waxes, moving to her fullest, I too move with her, moving to my fullest, ripening the most nourished egg, ready to be fertilised, to grow life! 

How incredible is that?...New Life!

This creative energy for me is no longer a new baby in the physical form of a child, but one of new energy in some other way.

Each cycle can be very different in the waxing energy. Sometimes there is so much creative energy building as I water these potential new seeds and other times I can be shedding old constructs as the seedlings begin to pierce through into full bloom!
A brief on our Inner Seasons....
The inner season of winter (new/dark moon) gives us the opportunity to surrender and rejuvenate as we shed ( the lining of our uterus) what we no longer need ( that has come form the autumn phase of letting go) for growth of this woman. Spring is the building of this new lining, watering of new seeds and the new energy is emerging. Summer (ovulation and full moon) is the blooming of that energy or new seeds, it's a celebration of all that we have sowed, created and nurtured. Late Summer is the harvesting of those flowers, fruit that we have been the bearer of and the action of that project. Autumn is the releasing, honouring of what needs to go, to create room for new growth or what no longer serves our womanly ways.

This waxing moon or late Spring time (this time round) has been an eye opener on what has been sprouting through. I have felt like I'm about to birth a 15 pound baby....shiver-me-timbers!

I have been moving with it. Surrendering into it. Exhale by Exhale.

The last full moon shed a lot too. It's been a time of Change. Transformation and new beginnings within myself, my immediate family and extended family.
This moon cycle has showed me a deeper meaning into what I like to live by. It shone on the areas I needed growth in, gratitude for all that I have and a deeper love for life and humanity.

My life Aspiration....
Living life with meaning.

If I can live my life with meaning, in every moment, to
love and take responsibility for myself (just like I would a newborn baby). To love myself wholeheartedly - the judgements, the shame, the guilt, the anger and the fears, then I know my heart is open to love others and their suffering, in the same way.  

The degree that you can love all parts of you, is the degree you can love all parts of another. First we must free our own hearts to truly hold another in love, allowing the freedom for the other to unravel without judgement or opinions from us....just love.

Sooo, the past few weeks I had the following happen...
1. All 3 girls got injured, which meant I needed to hold them in ways I normally don't need too. 
2. Support Gracie with her separation anxiety
3. Hold 11 women on retreat - moving through deeper parts of themselves - HUGE!
4. Care for a dear friend 
5. Extended family suffering
6. My own overdose with Vit D! I know, crazy right, haha!
7. Normal client load, household commitments ect.

So I was amazed at how for the most of it I could hold love and was so so grateful for the above practice. I also saw the changes I needed to make to support my family and myself in love. I was so grateful for the prajna (clear seeing) into what needed to change.
The girls were having meltdowns, which they never do. Their plate was too full and needed more space to be free from "doing" and scheduled activities.
My girls have grown up with a lot of space to be creative, explore and lots and lots of 'Free Play' to use their own imaginations. Since Russell went back to work we decided to put the girls in after school activities and this has showed us how stimulating it has been for them and how the lack of "free play' and space was hindering there ability to feel grounded. 

I needed to sacrifice myself for them.

Love opened up and I held them, my husband held me, I held him and we saw the next steps to allow love to hold us all, as we move together through this life of unexpectedness and impermanence.
Through learning to lean into my suffering, applying the dharma and flowing with my inner seasons, I am ebbing and flowing, waxing and waning, more and more without resistance. Laughing at the karma instead of crying or fearing it!

Lets remember to listen to Shakti's inner whispers of LOVE!

The doula (in service to women) in me wishes for all women, little and big, to hear her own inner whispers of Shakti, bringing back her joy, her pulse, her zest for life and her own inner rhythm!

Oceans of Love
Tracy x

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