Inner Peace Retreat 2020

A weekend retreat to connect with the stillness within

22nd - 24th May 2020


Your Facilitator:  

Tracy Whitton brings over 20 years experience in Mahayana & Vajrayana Buddhist teachings, restorative practices, spiritual practices and mindfulness meditation.


The Retreat:

This is a unique opportunity to take yourself into a sacred space to absorb the wisdom teachings of Buddha and to allow the stillness to settle your mind.
 When we take time away from the world and our regular activities, it gives us the space to see what is really going on within.
This weekend will give you that space, to honour yourself, relax and to heal your heart.


 Heart & Soul Of Wellness Retreat Centre
853 Nobby's Creek Rd, New South Wales 2484

Optional Extra:

Saturday afternoon Group Energy Balance Session: $75

Only 5 -10 participants. To book please email: info[email protected] or 0413 940 532

"What will be, will be. I honour the space within me, to flow with ease and grace" ~ Tracy Whitton

During the weekend we will spend time:

* Sitting meditation

* Mindfulness Practice
* Dharma (wisdom) teachings
* Relaxation sessions
* Ritual
* Reflection and question sessions
* Gentle organic movement session
* Walking in nature
* Noble silence (refraining from talking and facial gestures)
* Eating organic nourishing food
* Time to yourself

Inner Peace Retreat

22nd May - 24th May 2020

Heart & Soul Of Wellness Retreat Centre

Come relax and put your own needs above everything and everyone else! You deserve to experience the ultimate gift of self love, warmth and heart connection.

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Pricing Options

All rooms are twin share accommodation. There are four bathrooms throughout the property, so plenty to share! *Rates are per person, in AUS dollars and inclusive of GST. *Rates are effective from 1st January 2020 and are subject to change without prior notice. *Room bookings are subject to availability.

Share Room


Twin share


Single Bed

Eco Spa

All organic plant based meals

Inner Peace Program

Paid by 10th April, 2020





Early Bird


Queen Bed

Eco Spa 

All organic plant based meals

Inner Peace Program

Paid 31st March, 2020.

Late Bird $1150.

Book Now

Only 5 -10 participants. Depending on room figuration. To register please go to "book now" above, or contact [email protected] or 0413 940 532 

"It isn’t often that you meet people who are as genuine and grounded as Tracy. Her classes resonate with the calm energy of her clear and peace inspiring voice. Tracy’s knowledge and desire to share it with others is a gift. I have benefited from her gentle and intuitive approach in classes and in retreat. STM has helped me on my path to recovery from injury and stress and assisted me in falling pregnant. "

Rachel Kenway

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