Nourish & Nurture

Take this opportunity to give back to yourself, to fill up your cup. A sacred loving space to meet you with where you are. With gentleness, kindness and warmth one can soften, let go and feel the essence of ones authentic nature.

The healing session’s magic includes;

• STM poses on the mat

• Gentle  foot massage

• Calm breathing

• Aromatherapy

• Shell essences

• Gentle Energy healing

• Healing herbal tea

This deeply nurturing experience is held in a small group with only 6 participants to maximize individual care and intimacy, whilst benefiting from the collective healing energy. Offered to both men and women.

Supports adrenal repair, hormonal balance, fertility, anxiety, depression, adrenal exhaustion, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, PNS saturation ( rest & repair) and love of self 

DATE ~ 21st Sept, 5th Oct and 21st Dec

TIME ~ 2 - 4.30pm.


TEACHER ~ Lauren or Shelly


If you would like further details please call 0413940532 or send us an email. Spaces fill fast so if you would like to book please do not delay.


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