Energy Balance

These sessions are the ultimate gift of relaxation, deep stillness and saturation of your parasympathetic nervous system. Take this wonderful opportunity to calm, clear and balance your energy, whilst enhancing your well being. By being in a group consciousness (up to 6) you get to draw on the collective energy deepening your healing experience.  With gentle touch to release chi blocks along the meridians lines and energy healing it can relax us deeply into the moment. Tracy will gently move your body through different supported positions whilst laying on a massage table, inviting your body/mind the opportunity to go deeper beyond the mind. Combining breath, stillness and aromatherapy to support this process, we receive exactly what we are needing at that this present moment. Through this unique blend of energy medicine, STM, shell essence and aromatherapy, you’re able to let go, connect and heal. You deserve to experience the ultimate treat of deep relaxation, self love and care for yourself. Just for today, let everything else go and nourish yourself. Your body and mind will love you for it!

Session Times 

Saturdays once a month (2.30 - 4.30pm)


Casual $85 


Tracy Whitton



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