Being That Voice For Women In Perimenopase Who Have Lost Theirs!

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"The field of pure potentiality is where we set our aims.

After all the trials and tribulations we shed to get free, naked in our skin, 

delighting in our true natures,

allowing the    e  x  p  a  n  s  i  o  n    to expand us

becoming inwardly alive to the beauty we carry within

 and releasing it like arrows of love into the Field of Us.

No longer holding back the dam, 

allowing that unbound beauty to ripple from the depths of our deepest oceans 

and letting it carry us forward, to greet each new day,

with clear eyes and the songs of freedom in our hearts."

~ Mystic Mama ( Mijanou)

Have you ever been in a place where you thought you never would be?

I have!

It has happened to me throughout my whole working career. Each life changing experience has led me to the next part of my journey, where I find myself sharing what is needed. Buddhism refers to this as your Dharma, which translates to “right direction,” “rightful duty,” or “righteous living.” Essentially, your dharma means your purpose in life. Your dharma is your true calling – what you were put here to do.

Your dharma isn't always what you would choose, but the energy of it is so powerful that you can not ignore it. It pulls on your heart in a fierce, compelling and unconditional kinda way. Yet completly full of love and warmth at the same time.

So recently I found dharma calling me again!

It's been a slow little fire burning for a couple of years, until recently where the fire became a bonfire, haha. I've been writing for a few years now about the Maga/Autumn phase, also know as perimenopause, as I have always been intrigued with transitions.

Lately I have been working on a mentoring program ( from all my writings) for the lovely women that are moving through the phase of Maga - the extended mother phase of woman.

Through my own journey I have noticed and experienced first hand the mismanagement of this phase, due to a lack of wisdom and ignorance. I had no plan on creating a specific program in this area but as dharma would have it, here I am!

Seeing how much suffering and the lack of support for an all rounded approach, I felt I had to be that voice of support for these women. I have had a very hard journey through this myself and it took all of my years of study, plus the latest science around perimenopasue to get me to where I am today in my journey of this phase. I have read every research paper, every book, every podcast ( both medical and natural medicine) that I could get my hands on for the past 2 + years, and have tried so many practices and treatments - mostly to no avail.

The one thing that is clear to me is, I am certain there is no "one way" for this stage and you are not a failure because you have a symptomatic perimenopase or menopause.

You have done nothing wrong!!

Every woman is unique and needs to be supported in that way. From all that I have learnt, it is a very complex situation that needs delicacy in ones approach. I see a lot of judgments (that I'm sure many are not intended to be judgments) from the medical and natural medicine field (which saddened me dearly), as I have been working in the "healing" natural medicine industry for over 25 years now and I had no idea the lack of authenticity and sensitivity that lays amongst them and how one sided some of them can be.

I feel in most cases (medical and natural) it is their intention to support women through this phase, however they don't realise comments or statements (I've written below) only make women in this vulnerable sensitive state feel they are not enough, have done something wrong and they have to "fix" themselves to be whole again. Or if they didn't do "x, y and z" they wouldn't be symptomatic now.

This is not helpful and can send women the wrong message and furthermore, into a downward spiral. We have to remember women in this phase are ultra sensitive to EVERYTHING because they are loosing their valuable "happy (Oestrogen), calm ( Progestrone) and energising (Testosterone)" hormones!

These statements can have them feeling like they have failed and in some cases ( like mine - I'll share in another blog) where you have done everything to "fix" yourself or you've lived a clean healthy life -  you can be left feeling confused and in despair as to where to turn to next, when you have done everything you have been told is the "right" thing to do!

" If you support your adrenals and your liver you will transition through perimenopause into menopause well "
 " If you exercise, give up alcohol, dairy, gluten, get 8 hours sleep, reduce your stress, meditate, practice restorative practices and eat heaps of greens, less red meat, you will transition through this stage with ease"
"Perimenopasue doesn't have to be hard, if you support yourself you will be fine"
"Perimenopasue is a stage of empowerment, freedom and Joy. It doesn't have to be depressing and painful. Take your power back"

Whilst all these statements have truth in them, they are not helpful or supportive to women who are suffering. Women feel they have failed and they question themselves as to why am I still suffering after everything I have "done" to "fix myself"? Especially when they have been told if they do "a, b and c" they will be fine, but they are not.

The latest research has shown that 85% of women that will go through the menopause transition will experience symptoms and up to 30% of them will be acute to the point of being suicidal. Another study showed in Australia that women between 45 - 55 had the 2nd highest suicide rate. The highest being 80+ year old men.

I don't think it's a coincidence that this is the time of perimenopause for most women. Perimenopasue can start as early as 30 and up to 55, but the highest proportion of women are between 35 -50. I have personally known of a lady that took her life this year that was experiencing horrendous perimenopause symptoms and due mismanagement she didn't get the correct care that she needed. It is this experience, mine and many other women's who have shared theirs with me, that turned my little fire into a blazing bon fire!

I can't let another women suffer unnecessarily! 

My 4 week mentorship is a start of the offerings I will share. I am working on a free resource page for my website and some talks with Q&A to help support you as well. I know there is more to come, but I will just have to be lead by the dharma as this is not my plan, its way bigger than that!

If you are a woman suffering please reach out. I have many resources that I can share to start you in the right direction. You don't have to suffer alone and in silence. Allow me to be your voice until you find yours.

With Warmth,

Tracy x

Read more about my mentorship HERE



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