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“At menarche a young woman enters her power, throughout her menstruating years she practices her power, and at menopause she becomes her power.”  
– Native American Saying

Embodying The Dark Feminine 

For the last 2 - 3 years I have been swimming up stream, against the current with my dark feminine. It's been hard work. But, I must say in all of that swimming I have learnt a few things along the way and this dark feminine and I are slowly uniting. I am seeing some very interesting truths about myself and this world we live in. 
This perimenopase phase is often referred to as the Maga phase in ancient cultures and many of the stories shared share of this deep shedding and the rising of the dark feminine. Most of us are not aware of this coming and instead of it being a stage of supportive held transformation it can be a big shit storm!

But there is something we can do to change that right? 

Amongst the tears, fears & lows that I’ve been swimming in I ask, 'Is there light or wisdom to gain from this? or is it that we are meant to spend time in this darkness & be with this dark feminine ride for a while?'

Our Aussie culture hasn’t taught us how to be comfortable in the dark uncomfortable bits. Not only does it have very little understanding or tolerance for this; but we don't understand the necessity of this journey and it's place in the balance of our lives, we spend a great deal of energy pushing it away, avoiding and denying it. This resistance to the dark feminine seems to add to the force with which we are propelled and held there. We’re just taught how to “fix it” move on, put your attention on something else so you don’t have to feel “it”.

But what if we stop moving away from it & trying to fix it? 

Maybe she is here to teach us how to embody the darkness? After all, life is about both “light” & “dark”, right?

Perimenopause is a long road of ups and downs and more downs if we get stuck down in the underworld - it’s not just a few days of feeling low, anxious, feeling like you don’t know who you are anymore!  It can be months & years of this cycle if we are not given the tools to connect with her. So we really need education & awareness of this phase to change. Women deserve to be held & guided on how to navigate one of our biggest & longest transitions we will ever travel through.

When I look to my learning of Esoteric Tantra & other cultures I am reminded of how this is the Autumn phase of our life - it is a shedding, a death & a time to go inwards & to move slower. Also know as the Maga phase - it is said to be a time where a woman becomes a new version of herself.  

As my dear friend Casey Conroy says, “Studies in shamanic womancraft have taught me that menopause is energetically equivalent to the time of day as dusk, the end of daylight & beginning of the literal dark time, & the season of autumn where daylight hours are shortening. It's a time of great potential & power, of harvesting the fruits of the seeds sown throughout our younger adult years.”

It is a time flow and move with this dark feminine instead of resisting her 🍁 🍂🍁

Ways I can support you in this process;

1. Private Dark Feminine Session - learn more HERE
2. The Autumn Phase of life - 4 weeks of diving deeper into supporting your Dark Feminine - Get more info HERE

In love and darkness,

Tracy 🍁🍂



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