Mindful Moments


30 days of creating more awareness, acceptance, inner peace and strength during these changeable and uncertain times! 


Start 2021 off with more awareness, acceptance and inner peace in your life! We will journey together from 18th January for 30 days. I will be supporting you with any fears, uncertainty and anxieties you may have, and that may rise throughout the course. I will be sharing the teachings and practices of the "Middle Path". These teachings and practices of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism are the perfection potion (in my experience) for dealing with difficult life situations. Through Stillness and Movement we allow life to flow through us. 

The teachings and practices in Tantra Buddhism teach us that the way to inner peace is through following the middle path.

I have been on the path of learning the Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings for over 20 years now and can honestly say they have changed how I look at the world, how to live in this world and have given me more inner peace than I could have ever dreamed of! The practices have supported me through some really tough times and have lit the path when all seemed so dark.

I am thrilled to be able to share this little course with you and hopeful you will start the path to your own inner light or for those on the path, may that light shine brighter!

Throughout the 30 days I will be dropping into your inbox everyday with "present moment reminders" on how to deepen your connection with yourself.

I will be sharing teachings and practices on how to live the "Middle Way" freeing you from the torment that comes from living from the ego mind. Bringing more wisdom and awareness to what is Real, Necessary and True. I will share with you my life practice, my daily rituals that remind me to stay connected. A journey into connecting honestly with yourself, sitting with yourself, moving with yourself and loving yourself.

Practices to support us through fear, which we need this more than ever right now!

Some of the Practices and Teachings I will share with you are:

1. Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist Teachings

2. Sitting Stillness Practice

3. Organic Movement ( free flowing present awareness practice)

4. Mindfulness Practices

5. Wisdom Quotes and Tips

I look forward to supporting you over the next 30 days in creating more awareness, acceptance, connection, and inner peace and strength within yourself.


"This is an incredibly powerful meditation Tracy. Your words gave me permission to really truly be with what I was experiencing without fear or turning away. I’m feeling such grief and yearning and I don’t think it’s entirely mine, also collective and past life. It is only just becoming apparent that I have so much to sit with, be with and give space to. My default is keeping busy and I can’t even do that at the moment. Amongst the fear, pain, confusion and uncertainty are incredible moments of synchronicity, alignment and revelation that cement my belief that I am on the right path and that all is unfolding for me. 🙏🏼🙏🏼"

Carey Semple on "Day 17: Mindful Moments Practice 3"

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