Inner Peace

A time to go inwards, to Rest, Restore & Reconnect with yourself….

Inner Peace sessions

These sessions are here to help you connect with the Inner Peace and Stillness within. With lots of space to relax tension from your body, quieten your mind and release any held emotion.
Inner Peace can support you where you are at, allowing and deepening your experience.With space, one can open to any difficulty, change or expansion with tenderness and ease.

This session can enhance and deepen your experience mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, taking you to a deeper level of healing and awareness.  With a gentle touch to release tension, reiki and energy healing can relax us deeply into the moment. In the stillness, we will gently move your body through different supported positions whilst laying on a massage table, inviting your body/mind the opportunity to go deeper beyond the mind. Combining breath, stillness and aromatherapy to support this process, and the support of my guides, guiding the entire session we receive exactly what we are needing at that this present time.

If your feeling

  • You need space for yourself
  • Depleted and stressed
  • Tired from broken sleep- insomnia
  • Find it hard to relax or don’t know how to relax
  • Adrenal fatigued or burn out
  • Hormonal imbalance eg, Puberty, Menstruation, Post Natal Fatigue/depression, Peri-
  • menopause & Menopause or Infertility
  • Trying to loose weight but it can’t

What you can experience from a Inner Peace

  • Replenish and Nourish the Endocrine and Nervous system
  • The healing energy of Reiki
  • Release lethargy, emotion and nervous energy
  • Help Balance adrenal and nervous system naturally with aromatherapy
  • Shell essences to calm and clear the mind and emotions
  • STM practise gives you deeply restoring postures
  • Breath work that nourishes and revitalises your body and mind
  • Meditative Awareness to re-connect with the peace and stillness within
  • Lots of Space and stillness!

Inner Peace- 2 hr session

includes and 1hr Energy balance session and a 1hr STM session.

Date~   2019.

Places~ Only 4 spaces for intimacy and depth

Teacher~ Tracy

Investment~ $90


Inner Peace- 3hr session

Includes and 1hr 30min Energy balance session and a 1hr 15mins STM session. A Deeply relaxing & healing afternoon/morning to be totally supported in the stillness, with a nourishing snack and healing tea to finish.

Date~  23rd Nov, 2018

Time~ 9.30am ~ 12.30pm

Places~ Only 5 spaces for intimacy and depth

Teacher~ Tracy

Investment~ $155


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book? Yes
Do I have to Pay before I come? Yes, we ask for payment upon your booking. Once we receive your payment your place is secured.


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