Group Sessions


Inner Peace

This session is held in a small group of 7 people to allow personal care, intimacy and depth.

This session has roughly about 1.45 mins of Energy Balance ( somatic healing touch) on massage table, 50mins of STM on the floor and a 25min morning/afternoon tea in between. I work with Yin and Yang energies, that support natural balance of the mind and body.
It allows you the opportunity to go deeper into unlocking tension and suppressed emotion through free movement, breath and organic sound, freeing and soothing the nervous system, mind and body.

The last 45mins is on the floor in deeply restorative postures to support the integration from a potential release and the new energies that may be unfolding. This supports the saturation of the parasympathetic nervous system allowing “deep restoration” and grounding into your body and mind. 

Great to support adrenal fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia and to simply unwind and relax!

Class Time ~  2pm - 5pm

Date ~ Saturday 11th June

Teacher ~ Tracy

Book your session online HERE or call/text 0413 940532 to start relaxing today!

Nervous System Regulation

This session is held in a small group of 7 people to allow personal care, intimacy and depth. Join me in learning some somatic practices that can help encourage healthy regulation of your nervous system.
Supportive practices to remind your body how to relax and experience calm in your body and mind. It's nourishing self care for your Nervous System!

X1 Gentle Somatic Movement session
x1 Supported STM posture practice.
x1 Meditation & Mindfulness session
x1 Grounding Breath Session
x1 Ritual Circle
X1 Afternoon Tea

$195 EB or $245 LB.

Spend your Saturday in slow mode :-) 

Great to support adrenal fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia and to simply unwind and relax!

Date ~ 14th May

Time ~ 1pm - 5pm

Teacher ~ Tracy

Book your session online HERE or call/text 0413 940532 to start relaxing today!

Feminine Flow

Shakti (feminine) has a pulse. A rhythm that is unique to each women, yet a synergy that we all can move within. Shakti is wild in her nature and needs to expand and contract. Her ever changing energy can be fierce, tender, sensual, erotic, powerful, creative, native, explosive, soft, gentle, loving, mothering and a beauty that is forever changing. Shakti needs to flow and when she isn't given a voice she can roar! As we flow through the seasons of Shakti you have the opportunity to go deep within her, remembering her innate wisdom. At times she will whisper, be still, and other times she will roar, cry or laugh, as she reconnects to her natural rhythm.

This session is held in a small group of 6-8 people to allow personal care, intimacy and to honour the sacred feminine. 

These sessions also include, energy healing, energy medicine of the Native American drum, aromatherapy, healing tea and a nourishing snack.

Session Times 

21st April, 23rd June.

6.30pm - 8pm.



Teacher- Tracy Whitton

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Feminine Immersion

Tracy and Amanda share with you the ancient healing arts of Tantra, feminine embodiment practices and energy balance. A delicious, healing and deeply grounding afternoon, immersing yourself in all things feminine. We will journey together, inwards, listening to the gentle whispers of Shakti, a journey you will never forget!

This session includes;

  • Womb massage (1:1 with Amanda)
  • Energy balance to support the movement of Shakti energy. This will be in a semi-private on the table (with Tracy).
  • Yoni/womb steam and meditation with healing organic herbs (on your own, in private space)
  • STM Restorative Postures on the floor
  • Healing integrative group session
  • Nourishing afternoon tea 

Date ~ 10th Sept

Time ~ 1.30pm - 5pm

Teacher ~ Tracy and Amanda

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Energy Balance

These sessions are the ultimate gift of relaxation, deep stillness and saturation of your parasympathetic nervous system. Take this wonderful opportunity to calm, clear and balance your energy, whilst enhancing your well being. By being in a group consciousness (up to 6) you get to draw on the collective energy deepening your healing experience.  With gentle touch to release chi blocks along the meridians lines and energy healing it can relax us deeply into the moment. Tracy will gently move your body through different supported positions whilst laying on a massage table, inviting your body/mind the opportunity to go deeper beyond the mind. Combining breath, stillness and aromatherapy to support this process, we receive exactly what we are needing at that this present moment. Through this unique blend of energy medicine, STM, shell essence and aromatherapy, you’re able to let go, connect and heal. You deserve to experience the ultimate treat of deep relaxation, self love and care for yourself. Just for today, let everything else go and nourish yourself. Your body and mind will love you for it!

Session Times 

7th April, 19th May



Teacher- Tracy Whitton


“Since a workplace bullying and harassment incident at my workplace, I have been on stress leave. I have been locked inside, coping as best I could; the past 16 months my self-esteem and trust had diminished. I had to find something to bring balance back into my life - my days predominately consisted of panic attacks, anxiety, depression and my body was in continuous pain.

I found Stillness through Movement. My journey with STM has been a soft and gentle transition; it’s all it says it is. Stillness– quietening of the mind to relax your body; Movement– the simple and gentle positions are comfortable and softly pliable for my physique. STM has and is helping me to calm my mind, nurture my body (as I now suffer from stress related fibromyalgia) and restore my whole body. I am learning to trust myself again and to let people into my life – each class helps me one step at a time to respect the call of my body and soul, bringing some sense of peace and balance back to me.

Tracy, you have an embracing and nurturing gentleness in you that shines through your graceful teachings that embrace trust, respect, faith and integrity. With love, Namaste.”

Marianne Gulliver-Di Napoli


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