Feminine Flow

A gentle feminine flow class designed to support womens natural flow. Feminine movement, a deeply restorative pose, ritual, aromatherapy medicine and healing tea!

Inner Peace Session

This session can enhance and deepen your experience mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, taking you to a deeper level of healing and awareness. With a gentle touch to release tension, reiki and energy healing can relax us deeply into the moment.

Feminine Immersion Session

Tracy and Amanda will share with you the ancient healing arts of Tantra, Feminine Embodiment practices and Energy Balance. A delicious, healing and deeply grounding afternoon, immersing yourself in all things feminine. We will journey together, inwards, listening to the gentle whispers of shakti, a journey you will never forget!

Energy Balance

Combining breath, stillness and aromatherapy to support this process, we receive exactly what we are needing at that this present moment. Through this unique blend of energy medicine, STM, shell essence and aromatherapy, you’re able to let go, connect and heal.


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