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Illuminating Change: Navigating Perimenopause Together

30 Days Of Self Care for Perimenopause!

Welcome to "Illuminating Change," a supportive haven for women navigating the journey through perimenopause. In this inclusive self-study support group, we recognize that this phase of life can be both transformative and challenging. Our community is dedicated to shedding light on this transitional period, illuminating the path forward with shared wisdom, empathy, and understanding.

In "Illuminating Change," we believe that every woman's experience is unique, and together, we explore the diverse facets of perimenopause. Our focus is on empowering each member to rediscover joy, resilience, and a sense of self during this transformative time. Through shared stories, resources, the latest science based research and a supportive network, we strive to create a space where women can find solace and strength in the company of others who understand the journey.

Join us on this collective exploration of perimenopause, where we embrace change, celebrate resilience, and illuminate the way forward together. It's not just about navigating the challenges; it's about finding the light within ourselves and each other during this transformative & remarkable phase into eldership.

What you'll get:

  • 4 Live Energy Healing Meditations/ perimenopause education talks/ checkin sharing circle [ $250 ]
  • Guided Audio Meditations [$200]
  • Daily Tips on how to optimise your perimenopause phase - fasting for women, enlivening your creativity, exercise, earthing, cold water, sauna therapy, somatic movement, breath work and so much more...[$300]
  • Somatic Movement practices [$100]
  • Wisdom teachings - supports mental emotional and hormonal wellbeing [$250]
  • STM - restorative poses and breath work to support release and nourishment
  • Self Compassion Practice - dharma to support challenging thought processes and patterns [$200]
  • Unlimited email support


What People Are Saying:

Just the thought of a Deep Rest practice fills me with warmth! The sweet promise of a WHOLE. THREE. HOURS. devoted to being in my body, with my breath, no where else to be, nothing to do but simply be, is both intoxicating and restabilising!! The incorporation of breath practices is pivotal in enabling the body to move from chronic sympathetic activation towards a neutral, grounded, relaxed and peaceful parasympathetic state – I’ve found that these breath practices are essential in bringing myself back to the present and out of the hyper-anxious state or the hypo-depressive or flattened energy state. Deep Rest and its components help me to regain balance amongst the demands of daily life. It prevents me from reaching the point of overwhelm and despair that once pervaded my life. I am forever grateful to Tracy for bringing this practice to light and for her sharing and teaching of it, its ripples continue outward… Mountains of love, Carey xx