Flowing Women

The essence of Shakti is the creative energy that permeates all living things, she is life itself, radiant and divinely expressive!

In this workshop I  take you deeper into the Vajrayana teachings of Esoteric Tantra.Sharing the ancient teachings of Shakti (Womanly flow) and Shiva (Masculine steadfastness). When we can tune into our body and know exactly what she wants, there is no holding her back!
Imagine feeling completely free of limitations, judgements, restraints, shame, fear, guilt, sadness, anger having a hold on you? To be totally OK with all parts of you?Join me in the journey back to your pure wild essence: Flowing Woman.

Date: 3rd Oct 10am - 5pm.


21st November 2pm - 5.30pm.

Only 8 spaces available.


~ Shakti & Shiva Wisdom Talk

~ Feminine Flow Movement

~ Ritual

~ Energy Medicine of Aromatherapy, drum and energy healing.

~ Deeply restorative postures

~ Afternoon tea

This session will take you on a journey into your sacred Shakti and Shiva, diving deep into all parts of you. A sacred dance and rare opportunity to heal, connect and express your divine feminine! Together we will breathe life in, move our divine bodies and sound LIFE into every part of our being!

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$155 1/2 day $230 Full day.


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