Womens Womb Wisdom

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of your womb!

It is New Moon time.

In ancient wisdom the moon time is where women shed ( menses) with the New Moon. It is a time where we have a very thin veil between the two worlds of form (body) and formless ( consciousness) realms. We have an opportunity here to receive the wisdom of our soul.

When we honour our moontime (shedding or not) we tap into our inner season and her rhythms. Allowing a deeper connection with self, the flow of life and inner peace to unfold.

In this workshop we are invited to explore the new moon energy within ourselves ( inward, plant new seeds, nourishing, stillness and reflective) and deepen our feminine connection.



1pm ~ 5pm

Only 8 spaces available.


~ Womb Wisdom Talk

~ Ritual

~ Energy Medicine of Aromatherapy, Shell essences and Energy healing

~ Deeply restorative postures

~ A take home moon water essence

~ Afternoon tea

This session will take you on a journey into your sacred Shakti, diving deep into all parts of her. A sacred and rare opportunity to heal, connect and express your divine feminine!

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