Specialty Sessions

These classes are held throughout the year at the STM Studio

Deep Rest

A time to go inwards and rest, restore and reconnect. A nourishing, three hour class to work deeply with the nervous system on the physical, emotional and mental levels, (especially if you're feeling depleted, stressed, adrenally fatigued or hormonally imbalanced).


Energy Balance 2hr Session

This session supports releasing blocked energy, unlocking tension and suppressed emotion through free movement, breath and organic sound. There is time at the end to allow deep stillness to rise.


Woman's Healing Circle

Our end of year healing circle is influenced by the waning moon in cancer and the Mars/Neptune trine can have our emotional waters running deep releasing visions, native feminine energy, and the truth of our woman's purpose.


Nourish and Nurture

Take this opportunity to give back to yourself, to fill up your cup. This healing session includes supported STM poses on the floor, gentle foot massage, breath awareness, aromatherapy, shell essences, gentle energy healing and herbal tea.


Unwind and Nourish

This class is designed to unwind the tension and busyness from your nervous system and release through the body and mind. Supported STM poses on the floor, breath awareness, aromatherapy and shell essences will leave you with a softness in the body and calmness in the mind.



These are our Retreats and Retreat Days coming up for 2019

Inner Peace Retreat

A unique opportunity to take yourself into a sacred space to absorb the wisdom teachings of Buddha and allow the stillness to settle the mind. When we take time away from the world and our regular activities it gives us space to see what is really going on within. This weekend will give you that space to honour yourself, relax and to heal your heart.


Deep Rest Retreat

Come relax and put your needs above everything and everyone else, so that you can give back to yourself and your world with a full cup, not a half empty one! You deserve to experience the ultimate gift of self love, warmth and heart connection.


Deep Rest Day

A whole day to go inwards, deeply rest, restore and reconnect. This day will help to ground your energy, bring stillness to your body and open you to your inner wisdom. We use a combination of Energy Balance and supported STM poses on the floor to help support the release of tension in your body and mind, allowing a deeper relaxation and saturation of the PSNS.


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